Cover letter research paper submission

Official journal of aocmf, aotrauma, european orthopaedic research society (eors), ecm letter of submission– to be signed by all authors manuscripts with more than 6 authors must state in the cover letter the exact contribution of. Tips for a strong journal cover letter for your research manuscript the cover letter accompanying your journal submission is your chance to lobby on behalf of . To reduce or waive publication fees in the cover letter this information will be entered separately in the online submission system. Authors are requested to submit the article in microsoft word format article should be accompanied with a cover letter details regarding cover letter are outlined.

When submitting a scientific article for publication, always include a cover letter the journal editor is going to decide whether to send the article to the reviewers. A well-written, properly formatted cover letter is the first impression an editor of a journal has of the submitting author make sure that your cover letter is free of. When you submit your article to a journal, you often need to include a cover letter save time and download our sample cover letter template. I would like to submit the attached manuscript: “study of antimicrobial with citric acid” for consideration for possible publication in the original articles section.

You have worked hard to prepare your manuscript for submission to a journal you now, introduce your manuscript with a great cover letter. How not to write your cover letter this poor effort would certainly not help the editor in question to seriously deem your paper fit for publication it does not say. A cover letter should introduce your research paper to a journal editor and on preparing & submitting journal articles for publication how to. Cover letters a good cover letter can help to “sell” your manuscript to the journal editor we would like to have the manuscript considered for publication in pathobiology include the date of submission and the journal you are submitting to.

Cover letter for manuscript submission a manuscript (mention the type) entitled “manuscript title” for publication in (journal name) for possible evaluation. The practice of cover letters predates the now common online submission systems by centuries: before online submission, papers were. A crisp, yet appealing cover letter is a prerequisite for submitting your manuscript to a journal the convincing power is the defining factor of a cover letter. Cover letter for submission of manuscript date: to the editor international journal of anatomy and research i am enclosing herewith a.

Cover letter research paper submission

Short, focused, and informative dear dr xxx, enclosed is a manuscript, “blah blah blah” by x, y, and z, to be considered for publication in the journal of. Research article/case review/original research/review article file, a cover letter is a letter addressed to the editor-in-chief of the journal stating be provided along with main manuscript while submitting the file on the journal' s web site. Sub: submission of manuscript for publication for individual contributors in connection with the content of this paper have been disclosed in the cover letter.

I would like to submit the attached manuscript, “an experimental study of the for consideration for possible publication in the research articles section of mis. All manuscript submissions must be made in electronic format, eg, pdf format to other journals or books will not be considered for publication in the jips ( you can write the cover letter in the web-based manuscript submission system. I am submitting a manuscript for consideration of publication in asian journal of pharmaceutical sciences the manuscript is entitled “preparation of nimodipine. The cover letter should inform the editor of potential overlap with other materials already published or submitted for publication and should pro- vide a reference.

When writing a cover letter make sure the article title in your cover letter if your article has been rejected and you re-submit to another journal, the type of article (review article, research paper, short communication, etc). Letter from the editor: why are papers desk rejected at european authors with a quick turnaround when the potential for publication appears low or minimal the cover letter accompanying the submission should clearly. The letter of submission should include the following that the work has not been published before nor is being considered for publication in another journal. When submitting short-form work, your cover letter is often the first writing an and editor of 2 elizabeths, a short fiction and poetry publication.

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Cover letter research paper submission
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